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About Us

Our mission is to provide the highest quality refurbished and used computers and other electronics to our customers at affordable prices. Customer support hours are 9AM to 4:00PM EST Mon-Fri. Messages and orders received at other times will be handled as soon as possible during our normal hours.

Where do our products come from?

When large companies and government agencies need to dispose of their old equipment, their equipment comes to us to be properly recycled. The most important aspect of recycling is reuse, so all equipment we receive is put through a rigorous reuse evaluation process.

Equipment that can still benefit other people is refurbished by our team, including any necessary repairs. Items that have reached end-of-life and can’t be reused are completely disassembled and all parts and materials are recycled. Nothing is sent to a landfill.

The laptops and desktops that we sell are carefully inspected to meet our high reuse standards for proper operation and functionality, including RAM testing and stability testing in the operating system. Every hard drive that we receive is subjected to the highest standard of data removal using the most advanced techniques, which means you’ll never find old data on one of our computers.

Additionally, our refurbished PCs come pre-loaded with all the software you’ll need to hit the ground running. All of this means you’re getting a complete working unit that is having its product life extended at huge savings.